Poetry Week

Spiritual experience can explode like a hydrogen bomb, leveling the old life, leaving behind fertile smoking cinders from which a new way of living is born.

Prose  often utterly fails to capture such events; profound glimpses into new worlds, deep departures from previous life patterns.

Yet expression still strains at language, yearning for connection.

Often, exasperated with the rigidity of prose, those with spiritual insight turn to poetry as a pliable vessel for such volatile expression.

This week on SIOF, spiritual poetry of this ilk strives to point to the inexpressible.

Seven days of powerful language,
packed with pointers and potential insights.

Seven days of original material,
much of it first published right here on WordPress,
all of it powerful, truthful, fresh.

What a delight to come across such fine offerings !

Please enjoy the wisdom and  creativity in this week’s spiritual poetry.

Photo from here: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/kT59uo3kz98/0.jpg

Poet links other than those featured this week: http://onetruename.com/Vivekananda.htm

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