White House Anti-Nuclear Peace Vigil since 1981

Not long ago I visited Washington DC.

Two individuals maintained an anti nuclear / peace vigil in a park across the street from & just North of the White House, for 31 years: Concepcion Picciotto and the late W. Thomas.(deceased, 2009)

Sitting out in all weathers, for over 30 years, takes a fantastic amount of faith and commitment.

The fellow who was sitting in for Conception Picciotto the morning I stopped by needed to make a pit stop, so I cheerfully stood in for 10 minutes or so until his return.

So impressed by the humble sincerity of this endeavor and the committment of those carrying it forward, I promised to blog of it.

The 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet that they pass out to visitors from all over the country (and the world) is titled “Norman Mayer’s #1 Priority” and  lists these ” 10 LAWS OF REALITY ”

1. There is only the incomprehensible reality and the individual distortion. Every mind struggles to concoct a semblance reality suitable to its comprehension, within the limits of its factual awareness and unproveable assumptions.

2. Change is the only immutable force endlessly continuous.
All things and situations constantly alter and rearrange.

3. Miscalculation, mistake, accident are ongoing factors of every enterprise. MMA may or may not be stayed by the amount of wisdom, accurate foresight, diligence and luck being applied by interested parties and historical circumstances.

4. Truth is ever changing reality, unknowable.

5. In a world of competing notions of reality, wise men must determine survival necessities on a priority schedule.

6. The first order of business on every agenda has to be the one thing that can exterminate us all now, always imminent, always pending, nuclear holocaust.

7.When men are in confrontation, they usually do foolish, regrettable things. Men with megaton weapons in confrontation will do foolish, regrettable things with finality.

8. In a modern technological society, with overkill 50, no man can survive on his own. The narrow perspective of the hunter-soldier-entrepreneur must give way to the extended overview of the non-establishment social thinker.

9. Nobody’s stupidities are superior to your own. The smartest person in this world would possess less than 1 % of the world’s knowledge. We are all at lease 99% stupid.

10. Life on this Earth will or will not continue as the result of human willful actions or miscalculations. It appears in making a thoughtful overview analysis of the human species, one has no choice but to deduce that conscious intelligent life can also be very, very stupid and world destructive.

The U.S. Mail contact for the White House Anti-Nuclear Peace Vigil is : P.O. Box 4931 Washington, D.C. 20008

No email contact or phone number is listed.

Some background:



Reference from Wikipedia :

Photo of tent and posters: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3216/3399054405_878aa6a6d7_z.jpg

Photo of Concepcion Picciotto : http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-2eiTQo09JS8/TYOE-SCkpCI/AAAAAAAACXc/FoN_KngfjF8/s200/day-319-connie-close-up.jpg

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