Soh: On Practice After Awakening

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Soh: On Practice After Awakening

There is no “me” to begin with, everything has been without self – from suffering, ignorance, to wisdom and liberation. Yet, suffering is (no sufferer), the path is, no wanderer, nirvana is, no enterer.

So practice goes on but without the delusion of there being a meditator.

Refining of view goes on, without the delusion of self.

And every moment is the actualization of the view in real-time.

But do not be mistaken that “since I realized no-self, no practice is needed” or “no meditation is needed”. For merely having some realization, even of no-self, is not enough to liberate all latent tendencies and traces.

For if we are honest and observe carefully, sense of self still arises, so the practice is still ongoing. So contrary to practice “reinforcing sense of self”, practice done correctly is done for the purpose of liberating all sense of self and attachments.

Do not underestimate nor overlook our latent tendencies, one of the things Thusness asked me to do is to experience the power of latent tendencies, to have direct insight into it (and not just put a label “tendencies” but to really realize and experience how it affects our moment to moment living).

Otherwise whatever insights we have are simply “touching the surface”, shallow,
and we are still far from being free of the bondage of afflictions.

Do not be afflicted by “transcendental blindness” and fail to see that as Thusness puts it,
our karmic propensities are as amazing as our Buddha-nature.

Traditionally speaking, someone who is at the stage of no-more-learning is an arhat,
for him all defilements, latent tendencies to grasp and all remaining conceit of ‘I Am’
(the remnant sense of self even after realization of anatta in stream entry) have been permanently eradicated/uprooted.

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2 Responses to Soh: On Practice After Awakening

  1. This is very clear and helpful, dominic. Thanks. I sometimes struggle to understand Soh Wei Yu, but this just shines. 🙂

    • dominic724 says:

      That’s just how I felt. The kid is brilliant. I read things two-three times and still am not sure if I understand.
      This little piece illuminates helpfully for me too. There aren’t that many people who talk about practice afterwards,
      and of those that do, they may not say much that helps. Soh stands out. Kiloby is also helpful.

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