Ho’oponopono and The Bicycle Thief

Posted on the Ho’oponopono Gathering FB Group:

My property was burgled; only a bicycle and pump were stolen from the shed.
Please Ho’op the unknown thief. I love you , am sorry, thank you, forgive me !

Posted in response on the Ho’oponopono Gathering FB Group:

I’m sorry I thought something free, transportation, would make me happier
than I am now. Please forgive me for trying to make myself happy
at your expense.
I feel cheated by life, and you seemed to have so much.
Thank you for buying the bike, which must not be yours now, because it is gone…
life decided for us both.
I love you.

from S.G. on the Ho’Oponopono Gathering on Facebook



Pic from here : http://www.insurancequotes.org/2012/07/25/bike-theft-on-the-rise-does-homeowners-insurance-cover-it/

Thanks to S.G. on the Ho’op Gathering FB group for her creativity, spontaneity and insight.

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5 Responses to Ho’oponopono and The Bicycle Thief

  1. “Life decided for us both…..” Lovely. Never our decision, my decision… only life, showing up as it always does, as it always is. Thanks, dominic…..

    • dominic724 says:

      LK: Yes, after all this nondual stuff for like 3 years, and then the Gate thingy, what else could I say ?
      Cheeky monkey took the pump and probably rides without a helmet ! LOL ! – d

  2. dadirri7 says:

    thinking of you a lot the last few days after the yoga nidra training week … R says it takes 3-4 years to settle in the world again after awakening … he laughs .. i said it was a year .. wondering what settle might mean … fell out of this reality the other day into something equally clear and certain with history … wondering about parallel universes … all fine now, just loose and free … C xx

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