Silent Retreat III : Why Retreat into Silence ?

In a word, love.

Love of silence, of mere being, of thusness – the completeness of things as they are.

Anything else ?

Freedom from doing, from the sense of doer-ship.

Yes, freedom from the role of the doer,
freedom from from the busy-ness,
freedom from the insect-like frenetic activity
we are paid to perpetuate.

In the retreat, the primary practice; standing as awareness
(sometimes sitting and walking as awareness)
left nothing to ” do ” – just noticing happening.
Immensely peaceful.

After dark, read Robert Adams and Ramana Maharshi.
A real treat.

In contrast to common advice given at group retreats attended in former years,
reading did not interfere at all with “meditation”.
It served as a welcome contemplative activity.

Otherwise, the days proceeded, with little or no thought at all.



Whether am aware of it before-hand or not,
another motivator impelling into silence
appears as a lingering question.

Usually at least one lingering question hangs in the back of the mind,
just below expressibility, before every silent retreat.

Silence dissolves the barriers
to clearly seeing
both the question
and the direction
am led to in response.

This time the question was
” What, if anything, to practice ? ”

” I AM ” and ” To who does this thought come ? ”
returned in answer, loud and clear.


In gassho to all that is.


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