Love: Personal and Impersonal

Over the last year and a half, have noticed a shift in experience of what ” love ” is.

It used to come at least sometimes with effusive energy in the heart center.

Now even if there is some warm heart center energy , it feels like a drop in the pond of  cool “love” radiance  that I experience indiscriminately.

At first, it felt like awake-ville was a dry, cold place. It isn’t. What it lacks is the juice, the effusive warm ” AAHHH ” feeling that once often accompanied relationships with familiars.

What I am knowing better, slowly but steadily, is this other more impersonal kind of “love” – both an attitude and a general sense, independent of conditions – that inclines to the welfare and well being of others, and has increasingly less impulse to interfere with their lives ( or pretend to know much of anything about them, really ) in any way.

Heart Constellation by Daniel B. Holeman


“Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

( link Daniel B. Holeman to )

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  1. Similar experience here, Dominic. Lovely description.

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