Spiritual Identity

We are enjoined by our traditions to be good.
We are cajoled by our parents to be good.
We hold a self image that we define as good, especially if we are
particularly religious, spiritual, philosophical, political or traditional.

I am good because I …love/act/give/say/think these kinds of things.

Am I ?

What does that really mean ?

How do I know it to be so ?

The realization came one day that what I had called goodness
merely glazed a layer cake of identity built of false ideas and subtle arrogance.

Finally saw how even the slightest feeling that “I know what someone else should really do.” is nothing less than a lie.

Actually, nowadays I rarely feel even I know what I should do anymore, much less anyone else, with nothing lost beyond the false sense of certitude.

I told myself this lie for years as part of the collage of ” spiritual identity “.

There was nothing “spiritual” about it; it added up to self-deception, part of spiritual identity manufacture.

No one sees the arc of anyone’s  life, not even our own.

No one knows how anyone should live, or act or how they should say or do anything, even  including ourselves.

We do the best that we can, and strive to recall that others are doing the same.


For more along this line, please see: http://thework.com/thework.php

The origin of the cake photo is not available.

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