Bridge to the Unknown by The Wizard ( John Troy)

[ Guest post by John Troy. Enjoy !]

Bridge to the Unknown

The existing paradox of life as we know it is fraught with confusion, judging, fault-finding and contradiction on the surface of things.

Words and knowledge, at best, only point an imaginary way to the unknown.
There is no way, period.
Words are the tip of the finger that point to what already IS NOW.
Words do not constitute Wisdom.

Truth is not a thought.

Being seamless with stillness recognizes stillness.

Truth is Self-evident as thought comes to rest or is transcended.
Bathe in this silence.

Be not concerned about how the storyline unfolds. Allow the horizontal paradigm to dissolve away or become transparent as an apparition and unfold, as it will.

Take your rest in headless “Being”.

Relieve the burden. Mind cannot fathom the depth of what you are and is not the proper tool to re-cognize what you are as the unknowable NOW.

Simple being (Sentience) is the strength in the girder or continuum in the bridge to the unknown, not the knowing mind.

Allow Sentience, itself, to release from the imaginary “I”-thought and return to its source, the heart of NOW.

Paradigm shifts; Wisdom, Peace and Love prevail. Let the mind do as it pleases. Let it be Thy Will. Karma is now your Dharma as doer-ship is lifted away.

Faith is the antithesis of belief.
Belief is nothing but a contrived concept of an insentient I-thought;
insentient thoughts made from alphabets rooted in the horizontal carnal paradigm.

Faith abides in awareness; the infinite heart-sky of NOW and requires no thought.

Sages and seers see through the veneer of words revealing current reality and put a capital “M” on Mystery. That is Faith. Trust the Mystery as Thy Free Will.

Be at-one-ment with NOW and let the movie be. It will reveal your sentient home sans mind as the thoughtless and unknown in a perfect way.

The Mystery does not need your help.

The thoughtless can never be contained within the bifurcating and knowing mind,
trapped in time.

The distillate is Wisdom’s sweet Peace. In this benign way, the illusory doer (and knower) is undone in a gracious manner. It never existed!

What is already the case is Self-evident.

Being true, it is confirmed and affirmed by the Wisdom of the Ancients, the essence of the arts and the spontaneous personal discoveries confessed by many in various forms and ways as fate allows.

There are no role models.

It IS what it IS NOW.

John Troy


Thanks to John Troy for this.

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