Year End 2012 : I Am Reminded


The hallmark of this year has been a deepening sense of not knowing.
May it continue !

I am reminded (and humbled) again and again
that the keystone may be gone
but foolish thoughts still arise,
feelings of contraction still happen,
and memory keeps trying to link
the confusion of the moment
to past thoughts recalled…

Just as awareness continues
to dissolve them.

I am reminded (and humbled)
that although SIOF has passed 9 000 page views
most of those views have been of guest posts,
the search engines’ currents carrying readers to this little shore
ridden by readers
looking for writers
other than myself…

I am reminded (and humbled)
by my amazing friends-on-Wordpress, and around the internet,
co-writers and neighbors in the blogosphere
whose sharing
knocks me on my ass
and impresses me
with what is possible
through this medium.

Breathtaking spiritual poetry like and by miriam louisa;

Experiencial nondual reflections such as
by Amrita Skye Blaine ( the heart of the matter);

Introspective and zen-themed observations like by Genju,

Insights from by Soh Wei Yu (Awakening To Reality);

Altruistic work such as, and

Intelligent humor by Timothy Campbell –
(Neosimian Sapiens)

The list could be much longer. !

A deep bow to all of these bloggers, great inspirations all.

A deep bow to the readers of this blog.

To all who pay me the greatest of compliments by reading,
and even signing up…

May disillusionment happen;
to no one, and
to everyone.

May 2013 be whatever it needs to be.

May you awaken in this very lifetime.

With gratitude.


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The sunset photo came from here:

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A former seeker starts blogging.
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3 Responses to Year End 2012 : I Am Reminded

  1. dadirri7 says:

    yay! happy new year to all 🙂

  2. Thank you, Dominic,
    For this recognition. Happy New Year! May unlearning continue for us all!

  3. Deeply, deeply touched by the inclusion of my blogs in this beautiful post – thank you dear Dominic.

    We are tribe: we know the words are never the things, and yet -sometimes- they dance for us. May the unknowable immensity of this mystery continue to express itself as the year turns the corner into another now…

    I for one eagerly await the emails from WP that notify me of new posts on your blog – and I’m confident I’m in good company. 🙂

    Love always


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