Enjoy the Trip !

Awakening happened here.

At first, there was no rush…for or about anything.

Noticing brought 7 billion other humans to mind.

Maybe they could use some encouragement.

This wish to share was born.

Every few months,
the wish would falter,
and then return,
in a modified,
new-and-improved form.

One day, it finally occurred
what this stair-stepping,
was in fact
all about.

Just this: journeys are imagined to happen.

Everyone gets the enjoyment
and the awfulness
of their story,
until they tire of it.

Until then, there is nothing to do.

Then, there is even less !



The photo comes from here:


About dominic724

A former seeker starts blogging.
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1 Response to Enjoy the Trip !

  1. I like what I read, but was I on the same train of thought, Thank you for sharing your trip, I am really enjoying mine.

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