Nothing was ever born but a dream.
Nothing ever dies but a dream.

Reality is the always-stable, never-disappointing base of experience.
When I look at what really is, I can’t find a me.

As I have no identity, there’s no one to resist death.

Death is everything that has been dreamed,
including the dream of myself,
so at every moment I die of what has been
and am continually born as awareness in the moment,
and I die of that, and am born in it again.

The thought of death excites me.

Everyone loves a good novel and looks forward to how it will end.

It’s not personal.

After the death of the body, what identification will the mind take on?

The dream is over, I was perfection,
I could not have had a better life.

And whatever I am is born in this moment
as everything good that has ever lived.
~ Byron Katie


The quote from Byron Katie is from here :

The original source for the quote is here:

The photo of Byron Katie is from here:

The foggy tree photo comes from NOAA :

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2 Responses to Death

  1. I have more deep appreciation for Katie every day. Utterly blessed are we, by her. Thanks for another great snippet….

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