The Truce

A few evenings ago, my friend Immanuel stopped by.

We were going to chat about philosophical topics – specifically, the ideas of Charles Sanders Peirce.

But first, I had some happy news : I had called a truce in my attacks on thought.

” It’s just that the waking up thing felt like such a big deal, and that
it was non-cognitive, so for the last year have been really down on thoughts.
Well, I’m over it.” I told him.

High five !

Immanuel looked relieved.

It’s pretty absurd, really.

Writing is thought based and thought-related.

Speech is thought based and thought-related.

Have written blogs for over a year.

No thoughts ? No posts.

A year ago the unhealthy relationship with thought ended,
and now have finally let go of the blame that followed.

Thoughts are representational tools, partial and fragmentary.

Trouble starts the moment they are mistaken for more.

For all the confusion and misguidance associated with thoughts,
there is nothing else that functions as discursion does.

We have no other “Mother of All Symbols” to represent abstractions
or distal experiences to each other.

This quality of irreplaceability makes thought an inescapable ( if variable ) aspect of human experience.

In this experience, what’s not to explore ?!

Just a thought, after all ….


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5 Responses to The Truce

  1. The thought of enlightenment is full enlightenment. Dōgen.
    Ha! 🙂

  2. I really like this, dominic! I kept thinking I was somehow ‘wrong’ when thoughts kept barreling in after awakening…. dropped that idea and picked up one that said ‘Thoughts stink’…. and in the last 2 months have slowly been dropping that in favor of exactly what you say here. Yay!

    Thanks for saying it….

    • dominic724 says:

      Thank you for your support and kind comments, Lisa !
      Yeah, the after awakening part is nothing like anything.
      Step by step, we feel our way forward.

      Who knew we could still invent ideology for ourselves after waking up ? Yup.
      Especially about awakening.
      blah blah blah blah blah
      The former line probably holds the most accuracy in this response.

  3. Awareness says:

    Am now totally relaxed about it if thoughts arise, or if thinking is necessary to do something. It’s the belief that we are our thoughts that has been seen to be false (as most, if not all, beliefs are).
    ~ Paul

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