Have found it helpful to believe as little as possible.

Belief occupies the vacant places where knowledge is missing and experience cannot reach.

Knowledge and experience makes sense in a reality based life,
at least to this one.

Nonetheless, have many times plainly stated out loud ” I don’t believe in god.”, mindful that this is in fact a statement of belief.

At these occasions, am also mindful that no concept can capture
the ultimate reality.

Best to say as little as possible and skip any pretense that the invention of a word gives a useful and accurate label, of anything, much less of the limitless, the indescribable.

So, what’s the beef?

In the previous post, wrote about the experience of the truth-telling body.

This truth-telling body feels a sharp jab in the chest whenever the statement ” I don’t believe in god.” is uttered.

What , if anything, does this mean ?

1) There is some freak defect, injury or disease in the chest which has no other symptoms.

2) God is jabbing the chest sharply.

3) Beliefs are so overtly false, even the engagement of belief/not belief is so tainted with grasping and confusion that nothing truthful can be spoken of it. Saying anything about belief in god false, hence the jabbing.

4) The view of god/the ultimate/the absolute/the all/whatever etc. is held here in a trans-rational manner, which is to say, beyond thought, (or just sitting in the subconscious) but is held nonetheless. There is a ” subconscious belief ” in god.

5) Conscious belief in some form of god exists, to existing surprise of the conscious mind, which imagined for many years that it knew itself better than that. The body indicates it as such.

6) The body reacts to what the word “god” means elsewhere, such as in society; to what the word is “supposed ” to mean, as opposed to what it means here.

This experience is repeatable. Am not familiar with others having similar experiences, much less what, if anything, they signify.

Readers  coming up with  possible responses are heartily invited to share their views.


For further consideration:

The electromagnetic field  illustration is from :

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7 Responses to Artifact

  1. Shantideva says:

    Great! That is one of the reasons why I tried to avoid the words God, Buddha, Atman, Brahman, Allah,etc. in the texts I quoted on my blog for about 6 month to avoid concepts of what is beyond every concept. There are many Buddhist treatises refuting the existence of a omniscient and omnipresent God. For a long time these treatises satisfied the need to justify my point of view. But going deeper into the subject I came to realize that most of these treatises refuted the concept of a God I shared too in my ignorance about the true spiritual meaning of it. It is by opening and broadening my view and getting out of the views of organized religious institutions that I have realized what these concepts really are meant to tell. Unfortunately the misuse if these concepts have provoked division and wars throughout history although these are all labels for the same.

  2. dominic724 says:

    Shantideva: Thank you for your thoughtful comments ! How am I not surprised that you would understand ?! – d

  3. Awareness says:

    I like what Shantideva says. Another point to consider is how deep societal or parental conditioning can go. I have an atheist friend who will happily say “F**k” or “F**king”, and who has forcefully rejected the Catholic Church, which is the religion of her family. She will not under any circumstances say, “The f**king Pope” or “F**k the Pope”.

    • dominic724 says:

      Good point.
      Grew up devout RCC.
      Left as a teenager.
      Went back in the mid 20’s.
      Left again in the 30’s.
      Entered Christian seminary, then left seminary after started practicing Buddhism 11 years ago. Never looked back. After all these 11 years, what is this ? It’s not conceptual – there is no god image here. And yet…
      This is one of the only posts from here in which disclarity dominates.
      Thanks for commenting, Paul ! – d

  4. taramathea says:

    Interesting take on the subject. I am more in the reclaiming camp. With abstract concepts like God that have been packaged, branded and held hostage by the mainstream religious institutions, I prefer to simply re-frame the terminology into a more primal context. My personal definition of God is simply “life force energy.” According to Quantum Physics, everything is energy (even our thoughts)… so, I have taken the approach that nothing is “real” and everything is simply perception. I find that this has eliminated much of my discomfort on the subject. God as energy is much less threatening and problematic than the personified deities that cause so much strive and discord. Just my thoughts on the subject… Thanks again for continuing to post. I’m still debating about starting my own blog. Not there yet… still don’t know what I really want to say to the world, as if anyone out there would listen anyways. Namaste! Rachel

    • dominic724 says:


      Thank you for your comments, which are a valuable addition and participation to any post. Here I’ll just respond to the one about writing. For years, I knew I could write a little, but didn’t know what to say. Guess what ? Writing ( especially for free) is about your own expression. If it’s good, readers come. When I finally found a voice, readers showed up.

      What a delightful surprise to find a kind of supportive online community
      (in the semi-walled garden of WordPress ) of other people writing about similar or the same topics.

      As you keep writing, it gets easier.
      Can hardly believe it’s been over a year for Vanishing Narrative! (the older of the two)

      So when you are ready, just jump in ! The water’s great. And soon you’ll wonder how you ever hesitated.


  5. taramathea says:

    Please pardon the typo – I meant “strife” not strive.

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