Truthfulness of the Body

Curious thing about the body:
the body tells the truth.

Mind fabricates without restriction by the real.

The body, free from imaginings, simply responds.

The sensory world, directly experienced,
arises originally free of interpretation.

Examples from here:

  1. It is not possible to speak any known untruth without a sharp contraction in the chest.

2.  Holding an unknown food, spice, herb or vitamin close to the chest gives a really good sense of whether the body will benefit or not from this food, etc. or not.  This sense has never been mistaken.

3. A tight chest, feeling of anxiety (usually at work) means change the breathing pattern : too tight and shallow.


For a related post:

For a related quote:
” Touch comes before sight, before speech.
It is the first language and the last,
and it always tells the truth.”
—Author Margaret Atwood, in her Booker Prize–winning novel The Blind Assassin (2000)

The DaVinci drawing  is from here:

For a link on muscle testing :

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2 Responses to Truthfulness of the Body

  1. taramathea says:

    Nice… I like this!

  2. This is so true!! My partner studies Kung Fu from a wonderful Shifu who provides his students with a foundational understanding of the principles of Chinese Medicine. He always says, “the body is far more spiritual than the mind.” The body does tell the truth; the body absorbs and experiences emotion far more fully than the mind. Thanks for this!!

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