Midnight Chat with Mara

[ In Buddhist mythology, Mara represents the mind of illusion, doubt, and death. He is often depicted as a demon.

Except for once, all of Mara’s visits to the Buddha took place some time after the Buddha’s enlightenment. ]

One clear summer night,  sleep eluded.

Got up to get a glass of water, and noticed the half moon shining brightly out the kitchen window.

Heard  klunk, klunk…klunk behind me, and turned to find a familiar figure, inadvertently bumping kitchen surfaces with the wooden handles of various weapons.

D.: Mara ? What are you doing here?  Don’t demons ever sleep ?

M.: [complaining gruffly] How do you live in such small  spaces? Yeesh, where do you store your Wheel of Sharp Weapons ?

D.: Um, let’s step outside, before you break something.

[Dominic and Mara go out the back door and sit on the wide wooden stoop.]

D.: What brings you by ? Lonely ?

M.: I saw that you started writing again. What a futile waste ! You could be picking up some spare cash, or making a real name for yourself, or just kicking back enjoying life. You could use some exercise, from the look of you.

See, I accept you as you are – I’ve MOVED ON. Now I’m just here to look out for your welfare.

D.: < Laughing > You are an altruist, now ? Well, I could use some exercise, but you’re a long way off about the rest of it.

M.: Bah ! I know humans. That’s what humans want.

D.: [ mock seriousness ] Is this what you came to tell me ?

M.: [ enthusiastically ] Blogs are a waste of time. I was reading up on this internet thing. The average time readers spend on a page is not more than 25 seconds, even less in your country.

What do you expect to accomplish ?
No one stays long enough to remember a thing !
They don’t even read each line !
They scroll down the page, skipping from here to there.
No one reads on the internet – they skim.

D.: This blog is spontaneous expression of whatever wants to be written.
No one accomplishes. No one needs.
Writing happens. Just as it did before.

If anyone likes it, great. If not, that’s great too.
“I” don’t expect to gain anything, and don’t know any bloggers who do.

This makes the fantastic talent, wisdom and beauty in the blogs I’ve encountered shine all the more brightly.

M.: < Harrumph > All I’m saying is that you could get more out of doing something profitable is all.

D.: Sharing life experiences with people all over the world is more than enough “profit”.

M.: < Ughh ! > [ Mara walks away , shaking his head] I’ll be back.

D.: Watch out for the hose ! Don’t crush the tomato plants !

< Sound of crickets chirping >


Mara’s pic came from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mara_demon_nat_and_Buddha.JPG#filelinks

The moon pic is from here: http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=22599&picture=half-moon

For another post with Mara: https://standinginanopenfield.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/mara-comes-to-tea/

For more about Mara: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mara_%28demon%29

Yet more: http://buddhainthemud.com/2013/07/02/what-evil-fears/

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A former seeker starts blogging.
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8 Responses to Midnight Chat with Mara

  1. taramathea says:

    I read the whole post… nice work. I liked your message. I often feel that way myself. If I ever were to pursue my passion and just be a writer, who would actually read what I have to say? Blessed be… don’t give up! Namaste! Rachel (aka. Taramathea)

    • dominic724 says:

      Thank you for your kind comments. Other writers are often the first to read each others work. I read this creative writing book by Anne Lamott called ” Bird By Bird” . She describes a group of aspiring writers who share their writing with each other (pre-internet) for years. They don’t get published (it was harder back then) but their hearts grow as they write, love and compassion for their characters and for people developing as a result of their intimacy with life. – d

      • taramathea says:

        I love that book! We worked with it in my writing group. I am a struggling, aspiring writer myself… my biggest road block isn’t the ideas… I have an overabundance of those. What holds me back is depression… I get so boggled down in the big picture and I get overwhelmed and simply freeze. Hence, I find it much easier to read what others say than get my own writing down on paper.

        • dominic724 says:

          Trying to eat an elephant in one gulp ?
          Even pros can’t do that.

          I have one friend whose posts are usually ~150 words, sometimes less.
          One post was 17 words long.
          And her blog is terrific !

          If you are tripping over too much at once, maybe making a safe LITTLE space
          for the heart to express itself is the way to start ?


          • taramathea says:

            Fantastic advice… thanks for the words of encouragement. I definitely need that right now. Been choking on my words and feeling quite overwhelmed!

            • dominic724 says:

              Write from the silence, not the noise.
              Write from the love, not the fear.
              Write from the heart, not the head.
              Write from the moment, not what you are planning.
              Write from what comes, not from what you think belongs there.
              Write as if no one will ever read it, and then watch what happens.

              [ This first line was a piece of advice from a poet friend of mind which I found tremendously helpful.]

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  3. Great, I really loved this. Mara as doubt and encouragement, a very inspiring post. I think I’ll take a break from packing and post something myself. Thank you.

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