Adyashanti Sampler

[ In August 2010, saw Adyashanti live Friday-Saturday-Sunday at Arvada Methodist Church,  Arvada, CO. (North of Denver on the Eastern Slope of the Rocky Mts. ) These quotes were transcribed on the backs of donation envelopes with a three inch pencil. At that time they served as a great inspiration. Here they are. Enjoy ! ]

Whether quiet exists with noise, or without noise,the quiet is not changed. The noise exists inside the quiet.

May you not be shackled to the good opinions of others.

Failing well is no failure at all.

Dying well is so very alive !

That’s why death is such a great teacher; you can’t get out f it.

The more fluid the sense of self, the more fluid[ly] life experience flows. Anywhere you fixate, it doesn’t flow.

Identity is always partial. It is completely unnecessary.

Direct knowing, between existence and nonexistence, is the flow. You can become the situation at hand. This is not abstract.

Live in the sense, the feel of the unknown.

There is no such thing as a perfect person, unless they are dead !

[We are ] always being, always becoming.

As long as you believe the chatter you never pay attention to what the chatter is in.

The hardest thing to do is to be the way you are – completely real.

All forces align themselves around what we ourselves value the most. It [awakening] grips us/gets hold of us.  Be ready.

When self is gone, what is the sense that’s left? What does it feel like ? Beyond definition. Beyond the border of the mind. Sort of like ” conscious space”. This is a direct experience. And don’t think about it !

Mind relates to the ” ground of being ” with a subtle sense of “other” except that that is the only self you will ever be. The ground of being is what notices the ground of being.

The mind makes things into objects. Drop the thought “I” and then [there is] no distance.

” Only the phonies don’t get enlightened. ” ~ Arvis Justi, Adyashanti’s teacher


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3 Responses to Adyashanti Sampler

  1. Thank you for this little banquet!

  2. Paul says:

    One of my favorite teachers 🙂

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