Suchness Son

I have a god son, Albert.

Really, he is my suchness son, since neither his parents nor I are theistic. Since no one knows what a suchness son is except for us, it’s simpler to call him my god son when speaking in the third person.
People get the idea.

In other cultures, it’s not unusual to have a status of non-genetic kinship. For instance, in Italy the term was compare (M.) / comare (F.) Members of the family, just not genetic.

Albert is 18 months old, and teeming with effervescence about his very recent discovery of the operation of the bedroom light switch. He flicks off the switch, and starts laughing.

This only lasts for a few seconds – the novelty simply must be re-experienced.
Flick! On comes the light, and another round of giggles.

In case anyone doubts Albert’s near-limitless capacity for mirth,
I refer them to Albert’s even more recent discovery of belly buttons.

There may not be a more mirthful part of the body than the belly button,
especially when every time the belly button is contacted with an index finger,
a loud, mysterious ” BOOP” sound emanates from an undisclosed location.

Cascades of giggles follow.

Albert knows how to enjoy life in his world to the fullest.

He doesn’t worry about how he looks,
what he is going to do,
how much he makes or
what will happen tomorrow.
He doesn’t have a peer group, yet.
He doesn’t own a single stock.

He hasn’t been to Laughter Yoga even once.
But he would fit right in.
He’s a natural.

He hasn’t learned to identify yet with the artificial, or the synthetic.

He will.

And he will forget how to laugh at simple things,
and how to take great delight in everyday life.

As a grown up, perhaps he’ll feel that something indefinable is off somewhere,
somehow life seems unsatisfying.

Maybe someday he’ll start reading books about how to return to the natural state,
how to discover his true nature, etc.

Maybe he’ll even read blogs like this one in his “search”. (if blogs still exist)

And maybe he’ll breakthrough to a new world,
only to find that it never exists anywhere else,
but right in the midst of life.

And maybe he’ll try to help others and share this “discovery”.

Or maybe not.

Who knows ?

My suchness son, Albert.

You should see how he laughs !


The book cover is from here:

The toddler pic is from here:

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A former seeker starts blogging.
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3 Responses to Suchness Son

  1. Great post, Dominic. Also, I am nominating you for the Liebster Blog award. Please see my post of May 12 for details. Lightning strikes 3 times!
    ~ Paul

  2. dadirri7 says:

    just gorgeous, the joy, the loss, the search, the rediscovery of what was there all along 🙂

    • dominic724 says:

      This was really the most emotional post for me to write;
      imagining the little guy’s life to come, and the descent into confusion that seems to inexorably accompany our “development” into adults.
      To multiply this by 7 billion is unimaginable, but that’s what we have in front of us.
      Thanks for your reflections.-d

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