The Road Ahead

Her emerald green eyes shone with the excitement of someone not yet disabused of life’s promise. A tussled auburn mop topped a serious freckled complexion that smiled easily.

My colleague Sirona, in her early twenties, had decided to move to Ireland to go to dental school.

Apparently, Irish dental schools are as good as any, and the Irish have more than their share of dental challenges.

In taking leave, the one semi-useful thought which occurred came out something like this:

When I was in my 20’s,
I imagined that my decisions would create the life which followed,
and this gave rise to much worry and anxiety.
I wish I had known what bunk that belief is.

Potentials arise of themselves that open the way forward.
Our action does not create them;
we are simply in the flow of life.
That flow makes itself apparent
after the fact.

Sirona smiled and replied that she hoped that someday,
she could see it that way, too.

Even just that seeing prevents  much agitation and fear.


Good luck, dearie !


The road pic comes from here:

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