Byron Katie on Meditation

[ Mid week guest post by Byron Katie, author of THE WORK. Enjoy !]

Byron Katie on Meditation

We believe a thought,
we assume that the thought is true,
and then we act on it.

Anger, depression, addictions, sadness,
words that hurt others and ourselves,
actions that are selfish or unkind,
are the effects that we must suffer as believers.

Mind is the cause of it all.

For example, look at the thoughts that you yourself believe or have believed,
thoughts such as

“He doesn’t care,”
“She is wrong,”
“I have to be careful,”
“I need to know what’s going to happen,”
“People shouldn’t lie,”
“Life is dangerous,”
“She shouldn’t have left me,”
“I’m not good enough.”

When you believe these thoughts, you suffer;
when you question them deeply,
you begin to wake up to what is,
and what is is always beautiful.

Actually it’s heaven on earth.

The Work shows us how to come to a knowledge so bright, so close, so loving, so simple and kind inside us that everything makes sense. To use the four questions is to undo the judgments that have caused suffering and violence in humanity since the beginning of time.

When you understand how the mind works, the truths within you can never again can be drowned out, covered up, or overridden.

I invite you not to believe me, but to do The Work and test it for yourself.

Meditation is noticing the imagined sitting, standing, talking, laughing, listening, reading the paper, drinking tea. It’s quietly being as each image, thought, judgment, concept, scene, illusion, dream of what can never be.

The old ones saw imagination as though it were real,
they believed their judgments and thoughts as though what mind mirrored back
were something other than original cause.

And what they believed about mind’s creation frightened them.
They imagined their creations to be the enemy,
and then they became victims of what they imagined.

They began to do war with what they imagined,
they even imagined themselves to be real
and did war with what they believed their self-created self to be.

They became lost in the self-inflicted suffering of the imagined world they had created without the ability to look to themselves for the original cause and go back home to what they really are, prior to imagination.

They had become believers, they had become separate, they had become “I”s.
Being an imagined self is a very strange reality.
In fact, it is no reality at all.

Meditation–sitting, being still, waiting for the answers to arise to meet each of the four questions and show you examples of the turnarounds–shows you who and what you are not and can never be.

Your answers wake you up to your true nature beyond any belief, even that one. Can you imagine a planet that doesn’t yet understand the difference between imagination and reality?

A you that isn’t awake enough to laugh at what it believes itself to be and was never, and can never be and radiate as gratitude its own self as the cosmic joke that it never was?

If you still believe that you are a you, sit, meditate, witness what is being, and what is being imagined as a you or another, and sit to the degree that you would no longer believe what is shown as anything more than…

Notice what you believe as you sit in mind, meditating that what you imagine is what has been, as though what you are imagining really happened in another time, a time other than now.

Do you understand yet that even “now” is something to question?
That now is over and now is over, and now, whoops, it’s gone.

It is all that it can be only if you believe it to be.

You are the only source of life.
The images and judgments that you witness as you meditate
are what you react to, this inner life, this only life,
not the apparent physical world of mirrors.

The inner experiences of mind are the cause of all feelings and identification
and create the physical feelings as well as a “you” and all life.
When this is realized by mind, apparent “real” or “physical” life cannot compete with the excitement and unceasing joy of witnessing the miracle of the beginning and end of creation, and the old world simply falls away and ceases to be.

Gone, the unreal apparent real.

The old uninteresting becomes neglected, put away, secondary, and finally a nonexistent mirror no longer needed as though waiting on the ego that is required to exist, an ego to reflect what is not, and in the end it must simply stay clear with no job to do but wait, and watch, and be, until required to do its job.

Meditation, answering the four questions that make up The Work as we sit, eyes closed, still, mind open like a child to the old wisdom, the uninvited hidden unknown known, invite it to surface.

Watch, it will show you the answers through the wisdom that lies beyond what you are believing, and your emotional dysfunction will lessen each time, as will your fear, and eventually you are enlightened to the cause of all suffering and each thing seen is seen through the eyes of God, brilliant.

~ Byron Katie


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