Courage to be Vulnerable

The first time I met Lakshmi, she was anxious.

Immanuel, an old friend,  had begun a relationship with her and it had developed quickly.

We met at Immanuel’s place over tea and cookies as part of her ” meeting the friends and family “.

First impression: someone comfortable with vulnerability,
someone who trusted life (or at least us) enough not to hide,
not even the discomfort of feeling somewhat exposed.

No pretense.

No mask of any kind.

Years later, I see that she showed us her modus vivende on that very first evening.

I have loved that humble, clear-eyed quality expressed through her life ever since.

No pretense at all.

I am a human being.
I see that you are a human being.
I trust you not to hurt me, even though you might.
I shall not crouch behind any wall.
I stand right here, out in the open.

Vulnerability takes courage, courage that I have often lacked.

The pretense of invulnerability was one of my favorite affectations.

What a huge energetic expense !

Not only did I know it was fake;
years later I realized
so had everyone else.

What a hoot !


The masks come from here:

The wall photo comes from here:

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One Response to Courage to be Vulnerable

  1. What a hoot, indeed, when we realize how silly we had been!

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