Toward a Science of Consciousness 2012 Conference April 9-14

Continuity of consciousness…after death ?

I had the good fortune to attend two days of the Consciousness Conference,
held in even years in Tucson, AZ and odd years in some other city around the world.

The Consciousness Conference attracts brain researchers of all kinds, mostly academics, but also neurologists, doctors, meditators, philosophers, psychologists and the odd straggling science geek who just can’t stay away.

Monday, April 9th was the pre-conference workshop, presented by the Windbridge institute.

The Windbridge institute carries out scientific investigation into the continuity of consciousness after death.

They were some of the only presenters at the conference of several hundred investigators who did not accept the assumption that the brain creates consciousness.


On Wednesday, April 11th, I attended for a second day.

Got to hear from someone who included awake people in his research.


Welcome to the research of Jeffrey A. Martin PhD and others studying ” self-reported persistent nonsymbolic nonduals “(SRPNs). [ aka “liberated” aka “awake” ].

Martin was not the only investigator working in the no self area.

Gary Weber, PhD , an SRPN himself, gave a talk  about research on changes in the brain that might lead to the “loss of self-referential narrative”.

And there was also the presentation of Maranthe Karanikas, PhD on ” narrative medicine” and how by recognizing the existence of a personal narrative (effect of the appearance of a separate self), health care workers can do a better, more compassionate and effective job.

So even among people who are not awake nor studying the awake, there is growing recognition that taking into account the “autobiographical self” and its effects ( the self illusion) has real-world, practical value.

It amazes.
These are academics.
This is their actual work, their professional contribution to society.
Some of them are talking about subject matter found on this blog,
and on the blogs of awake friends.

Perhaps there is “progress” after all.


The trispiral, symbol of the Windbridge Institute is from their home page:

The site for the consciousness conference is here:

The site for the Center for the Study of Non Symbolic Consciousness ( Jeffrey Martin’s work) is here : and an interview on Buddhist Geeks is here:

Gary Weber’s site and where his pic came from are here:
A very cool video about Gary Weber is here:

For more about the presentation of Maranthe Karanikas :

Dr. Karanikas’ photo came from here:

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