What’s going on here ?

Ben Smythe became known as the “You’re Perfect” guy after sitting / standing on street corners in public places with a sign that states ” You’re Perfect ”

Timothy Foley crossed the Gateless Gate some years ago. His sign in the Facebook profile photo seems to say exactly the opposite of Ben’s sign.

They can’t both be right ?

Or can they ?

Suppose they are addressing two different things ?

Suppose Ben’s sign points to the underlying, embracing silent awareness ?
The knowing that apprehends experience and is never separate from it.

Supposed Timothy’s sign points to the false self,
the cartoon character created by thought,
made by thought,
which pre-awake people take as obviously themselves
and which evaporates in the passage through the Gate ?

They are really two sides of the same coin of truth.

You are perfect.
Never let anything written here suggest otherwise.

You are inadequate.
The fake “you”.
The simulacrum.
The homunculus.
The “me-inside-here-looking-out “.

The thread of thought that ties sensory experiences together
so that an autobiography can be written and then referred to.

That “you” never really does or ever did anything.

That’s the “you” that fully qualifies as terminally inadequate.

Perfectly so.


Thanks to both Benjamin Smythe and Timothy Foley for their contributions.

The pic of Ben was from here:

Ben’s website is here:

Timothy Foley’s pic came from his profile on Facebook:

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2 Responses to Doubletake

  1. This is the exact same take I have on those two signs, D. Aren’t Ben and Tim awesome? :)))
    The formerly totally inadequate Lisa

    • dominic724 says:

      I sort of see these two posts as complementary. The inadequate “me” makes stuff up to hide behind. That, and it’s fun to write stuff about people you know as fictional characters, as real characters with pseudonyms, as people on FB… oooh, wait, it’s hard to tell these all apart, isn’t it ? LOL ! Thanks for reading and commenting ! – d

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