Walk Above the Interstate

I sometimes take the walkway above the interstate to get to work.
Style of practice has changed over the years.
So has the view of the cars streaming by, 30 ft. below.


Mahayana practice… compassion for all my kind mothers driving below.

Vajrayana practice… sending colored light rays to each of the hundreds of versions of enlightened deity-selves whizzing by.

Vipassana practice… hearing sound, seeing light, feeling vibration, smelling exhaust and cool morning air.

Dzogchen practice… knowing/seeing that consciousness was not separate from the experience of the cars, sunrise, bridge.

Zen… just walking.


The photos were taken onsite by the author.

About dominic724

A former seeker starts blogging.
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2 Responses to Walk Above the Interstate

  1. Brilliant description of practicing Buddhist ways of Being in every action–however large or small. Thanks–my favorite post of yours yet!!

  2. Elizabeth W. says:

    Just a mountain 🙂 Love, Diego.

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