Satsang with Stephan Bodian

We walked in late, as quietly as we could.
About a dozen people sat peacefully in meditation, immobile, eyes closed.
Chairs arranged in a semicircle.
We took any vacant seat, and settled into the silence.

After a while, a soft-spoken man, greying with a high forehead and thin physique, began speaking.

Satsang is not about transmission.
It’s about being together in truth.

If you come away from satsang with something,
you have missed the point.
Come away with less !

Most of spirituality is just a bunch of ideas, concepts,
like the posters on a kid’s bedroom walls
which (allows) you then feel superior to others
because you are more spiritual.
Tear down the stuff on the walls !

Ignorance fuels the desire for truth.

Life is ruthless.
This is what is being given to us now.
What does the moment want ?
Life is what’s happening
while you are trying to impose your beliefs on it.

The limitation to ‘practice’,
the pitfall of the progressive approach to awakening
is that looking for something in the future
keeps you from recognizing
what’s always here
right now.

Going ‘there’ we miss what’s here,
always awake already.
‘The seeker is the sought.’

( when asked how he woke up)
I did not progress.
I wore myself out.
Couldn’t do it anymore.
Then I woke up.

Awakening is not a state;
it is the coming to awareness of the source of all states.

Awakening always happens simultaneously.

I don’t have any secrets.
I don’t know how awareness happens.
~ Stephan Bodian Satsang, 3/24/2012

Art is a wonderful pointer because it goes beyond concepts;
there is no conceptual message.

‘ Live in beauty.’
~ Jean Klein, one of Stephan Bodian’s teachers


The pic came from Facebook:

Who is Stephan Bodian ?

Who is Jean Klein ?

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4 Responses to Satsang with Stephan Bodian

  1. dadirri7 says:

    answered one of my questions … awakening always happens simultaneously … yet i seem to be a lot more awake now than i was a year ago … it does not matter, what is, is.

    • dominic724 says:


      That’s just what he said, probably because that’s what he found.

      Your experience is the ultimate barometer of truth as it manifests as Christine.

      Here, the case could be made for both responses – gradual and sudden – both to accurately represent experience.

      Perhaps in a week or so there will be further muddying of the waters with another post about inquiry, which very actively and effectively dissolved large chunks of the “self” prior to the Gate.

      Really, no one knows anything for sure.

      We just carry on with our most current and accurate info and insights, until the next one floats by.

      Many kind regards for your support and comments.


  2. shane says:

    You weren’t late, the meditation was early.

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