Mara Comes to Tea

[ In Buddhist mythology, Mara represents the minds of illusion, doubt, and death.
He is often depicted as a demon.  With just one exception,  all Mara’s visits to the Buddha took place some time after the Buddha’s enlightenment. ]

Last night, Mara stopped by for tea. Nothing formal, we have been butting heads for years. Things have taken a new turn of late, since the main source of confusion abated here.

{sound of tea cups and saucers clinking}

M.:So how’s the liberation business going ? People reading your posts yet ? How many you got – a couple, two, three dozen regulars tops ? And that with what, millions of blogs ? And 7 billion people now ? Sheesh. Some difference you make !

[Mara slurps the hot tea very loudly, leans back and grins]

D.: People are waking up on a scale not previously recounted. The combined RT and LU groups have helped hundreds of people to see the truth of their nature – which is to say, they sent you packing.

Adyashanti’s students also have been waking up in the hundreds. Maybe other teacher’s too.  Some people wake up spontaneously. Some wake up and don’t tell anyone.

It’s all about freedom – freedom from your misguidance. I’d say you’re running with your tail between your legs and you don’t know what to do.

{D. bites into an almond cookie}

M.: Me ? Scared ? Hah! Between the force of habit and people’s love of their beliefs,  my dominance is secure. Speaking about beliefs, don’t you believe you are a pretty shoddy writer ? Second rate on a good day  and hadn’t written a thing in years before starting these amateurish productions.

Your regulars – they need comedic relief , so they come here.

D.: [Stoically] The Truth speaks for itself, whether due to my efforts or in spite of them.

M.: Truth ? What do you know about it ? I’ve been leading people to think they can believe truth into existence since the dawn of language. I  invented religion ! You call this <expletive> Truth ? Where are your ceremonies ? Where are your heirophants ? How do you make any money ? How do you establish anyone’s worthiness ?

D.:  [incredulous]  Let me get this straight. You’re complaining that I disappoint you ?

M.: Well, you don’t have much experience as a truth-monger. You ought to take some tips from me. Look how successful my way has been! Different religions all over the planet and everyone competes. Practically everyone is a player. The people at the top call the shots,  the rest just fall into line. Can’t say it isn’t working. [M. looks pleased with himself]

D.: We may have different goals. You know… enslavement versus freedom, thinking versus seeing, belief versus experience, etc. The people who read blogs like this are tired of you and your dead ends. They are searching for an escape from the burden of self.

Our relationship changed big time when I found a blog like this one talking about how the self is false and there is no “me”. That’s when I gave you the slip.

[D. sips tea]

M.: You have to bring that up again ?! And here I was trying to help !

[Mara throws down tea cup, splashing tea, making sound of disgust, stalks off to sulk]

D.: Catch you next time, Mara ! You know where to find me !

[D. sips tea, wonders if this chat would be any good in a blog post…]


Another post with Mara can be found here.

Thanks to this site for the first picture of Mara.

The second picture of Mara has no referencing url.

For a short treatment of the development of the Mara character in early Buddhism:

For a longer treatment of the development of the Mara character.

The tea cup is from here.

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4 Responses to Mara Comes to Tea

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  2. taramathea says:

    Your visits with Mara remind me just slightly of my experience with Kali Ma. She paid me a personal visit in a lucid meditation one night back in the spring of 2003. My life has not been the same since. Of course, her message to me was far less of a conversation, and much more like a command. She told me “go to India.” I’m still trying to figure out how to make that happen. *sighs*



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