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What is it about meditation that is associated with waking up ?

Hard to pin down for certain. It seems that there is a strong association, but the specifics are not black and white.

People who wrote about awakening and related topics over the centuries have for the overwhelming part meditated assiduously. Buddhist monks, for instance. Yet the Dhammapada, the oldest Buddhist scripture, does not mention meditation.

And many folks who have not meditated for years wake up. Suzanne Segal wrote a book about her experiences called COLLISION WITH THE INFINITE. Hadn’t meditated for six years. Pregnant, and waiting for a bus. Bus came,” self ” vanished. An amazing read.

There are other examples of people who never meditated, such as a woman mentioned in the above book who reached up to catch a softball in the outfield. That was the moment the self disappeared. What a game !

There are some awake people today I talk to on the internet. They question the value of meditation. That’s not how they woke up, so they wonder about it’s worth.

Personally, meditated daily for over ten years.
My friends who woke up are all diligent meditators.
Best blog on this subject I’ve found at WordPress :
FREESTYLE AWAKENING by Sam Watts, a dedicated meditator.

Most people awake today say they found meditation invaluable, meditated regularly and extensively. A strong correlation between meditation and awakening keeps coming up.

Meditation increases the capacity to concentrate, to notice things of a subtle nature, and in particular, to notice how our presumed sens of continuity is false – moment to moment, thought flits across the mental screen like birds flying across the back yard window.

Where do they come from ? Where are they going ? What is noticing ?

The teacher Adyashanti refers to the noticing as “the nothing that’s here “.

Get very interested in the nothing that’s here, the alive, awake nothing that notices.

Then meditation will act as much more than a temporary tranquilizer for the ego.

Meditation increases the odds of noticing what is real, ” the nothing that’s here “.

That makes it worth doing, worth sticking with.

No matter what comes up.

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The blog on meditation and awakening: 

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A link to the book COLLISION WITH THE INFINITE by Suzanne Segal :

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