What do you see when you see your “self” ?

What do you see when you see your “self ” ?

Do you have a pre-existing  image of yourself eating breakfast ?

Is it ever  physically possible to have seen your “self” eating breakfast ?

Are you not actually imagining the body as it eats breakfast ?

From what point of view does this image arise ? What’s it like ?
Fine details ?
Flat or 3D ?
Static or moving ?
Black & white or color ?

Where did that image come from ?

Today, it is possible to have a webcam set up to watch such things.
Is that how you know what you look like ?

No ?

The image came up instantly ?
It didn’t take much time, it came up right away, yes ?

As if it were known as a certainty.

All this specificity, fine detail.

And yet…it never happened.

Not even once.

Check to see if this is so.

How could you (busy eating Sunday pancakes) also be standing a few feet away watching you eat ?

How many of you are there, exactly ?

Or is it a trick, a projection of a “self” image
where no image was ever actually seen ?

Is seeing really believing ?

Or when it comes to the self, do we easily fall prey to self-created misperception ?


For further consideration, thanks to Timothy Campbell for this link:


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