Second blog

Two approaches to blogging arise when writing starts to happen here.

One approach is more targeted to direct pointing, and whatever immediately relates to the Gateless Gate. Vanishing Narrative.

The other approach is not really limited, and pretty much will be open, whatever comes. Standing in an Open Field.

So here it is : blog #2.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by !


About dominic724

A former seeker starts blogging.
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5 Responses to Second blog

  1. This is certainly startling! For a while, I had a private yahoogroup with some friends called “The Open Field.”

    • dominic724 says:

      Amrita: The title for the blog came from several directions at once. 1) After the loss of the self concept, this is how it felt.. like standing (alone) in an open field. 2) Practicing Dzogchen for a while, and still do so, the omnidirectional openness seemed like a great way to approach a blog with a broad focus. 3) In Healing Touch energy practice, it is normal to discuss the qualities of the magnetic field which surrounds the body, as it relates to general health. An open field is one of the ways to describe a condition of energetic good health. 4) Hadn’t a clue what to call it, new to this blogging thing. It just came up. Thanks for your comment. Kind Regards, – dn

  2. Love your choice for a blog title.

  3. signature103 says:

    Continue the connections theme of titles, it reminds me of this joke:

    “A farmer of someone who out standing in his field.”

    We should all sometimes stand and look around and ‘see’ where we are.


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